How to Track Offline Conversions to Your Pay Per Click Campaigns – Ben Moskel

If you sell high ticket items or own a business  where conversions happen offline, you may want to connect those actions with your pay-per-click campaigns.

Ben Moskel

For example, a photography studio that offers a broad price range of products may want to see  which pay-per-click keywords or ad groups are generating appointments as well as the high end clients  versus the low end clients.

The 80/20 rule always applies with any pay per  click campaign.  The smart marketer will take  the necessary steps to find which keywords,  display sites, and/or ads generate  the lion’s share of the revenue.

Fortunately Google has a system for tracking offline conversions. There is some additional  programming involved, but no more than 1-2 hours work for a qualified developer.

Ben Moskel

Basically the set up involves three steps:

1. adding code to your landing pages that captures your GCLID (Google Click ID).
2. pass the GCLID into your CRM system
3. upload offline conversion data back into your Adwords account.

One of our projects is a business that sells high ticket packages that range from $1500 up to $15,000. We are using iContact for  lead management. Thus, all we need to do  is add a snippet of code to our landing pages  where we collect email subscribers. We need to make sure that the GCLID field is a custom filed in our iContact account.

Ben Moskel

After 3-4 weeks of collecting data we upload customers who purchased high ticket packages from iContact back into Adwords.

Ever though there is some extra time and  development cost involved, it gives you insight into your pay per click campaigns that most of  your competitors simply don’t have.

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